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Picture Frames UK

Darren Gwyther, Owner

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I was very lucky that a stranger had highly recommended Paul's services for A+ Content on an Amazon FBA Forum. So I reached out via email to Paul introducing myself & outlining what I wanted to achieve. Paul kindly emailed back & passed on his number so we could have an in-depth conversation. We spoke for over an hour and I knew at the end of the conversation that I had certainly found the correct partner/business for this task. Once we had a plan moving forward, Paul spent 3 weeks researching the market that we sell in & gathering information: Key Words / Phrases/misspellings / Market Share / Competitors etc. This information was then formatted into several spreadsheets. 

This is where the really clever part begins, looking at the data & understanding the road map to how he would build the A+ Content. After many backs and forths with questions/ideas/design & finally, we had something really special.

​There were some roadblocks from Amazon when it came to uploading the content. However, Paul worked on these & we finally got it live.

Since the A+ Content was added at a cost of roughly £9,000, which included the keyword analysis, & product listing creation (images & copy), we have reduced our PPC Spend by £200 Per Day - which works out to about £73,000 per year.

In summary, Fantastic Work, Great Guy, would use again & highly recommended.

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Habac Studio UK

Van Luu, Owner


I was a brick and mortar retailer/wholesaler with more than 20 years of experience. Having closed that business a few years ago, I launched an Amazon store in 2020.  Even though I had help from more techie staff, we struggled to fully understand the Amazon algorithm. We have fantastic products and were selling well but spending huge amounts of money on advertising.  


Paul dedicated a huge amount of time to understanding our products and explaining each step to improve our listings; optimised and created A+ Content.  We are now spending less than 10% of what we were spending on advertising. Our ranking and organic sales have improved immensely also. 


I would highly recommend Paul's services.

Pure Swing Products USA

Mike Manley, Owner

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Paul manages my Amazon accounts both in the US & UK. He did a complete makeover of my listings and created our Amazon Store, and it is amazing. He really has the touch of a true professional and demands excellence from himself.


At times I thought everything looked awesome, but the fine details were not good enough for him. I also can't say enough about how pleased I am about the detailed analysis he went through on my keywords - I had no idea it was that complicated.


He simply has the gift of excellence and has an extraordinary sense of what grips the attention of customers.

Roma Experience - ITALY

Elisa Bove, Owner


The previous website we had was not a good customer experience. It didn't match our brand and navigating around the site made people feel lost in what they were looking at or trying to do on it, so A10 redesigned everything from scratch.


I'm so happy with how professional-looking this new one looks too - plus now that Google Ads campaigns are managed by A10 using their expertise in keyword analysis (which has really helped us), there's no going back for us.


Viresh Lakhani, Owner


"As a new business focusing on growing market share and at the same time reducing ad spend, I have found Paul's advice invaluable. He has a firm grip on analytics and the ability to identify areas requiring attention as well as clearly explaining what needs to be addressed as a result of his analysis.

Paul excels at over-delivering so don't be surprised if as a result of using his services you learn more than you bargained for - I know I certainly did. If you're searching for a dedicated professional with outstanding work ethics - look no further."

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