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A10 Designs Presents: "UrbanUprising" Long Sleeve Tee

Step into the vibrant chaos of city streets with our "UrbanUprising" long-sleeve tee. Each thread captures the raw energy of graffiti, embodying the spirit of rebellion, creativity, and urban tales that dance across city walls. It's more than just a t-shirt; it's a wearable canvas that tells a story of underground art and its relentless surge upward into mainstream culture.


Product Features:

Deluxe Organic Cotton: Draped in the premium touch of certified organic cotton, this long-sleeve tee offers a cosy 155g/m2 weight. It provides not just a soft embrace but also a durable frame to showcase its vibrant art.


Distinctly British Craftsmanship: Each "UrbanUprising" piece is a work of art, meticulously designed and crafted right here in the UK, reflecting a rich legacy of quality combined with modern street aesthetics.


Powered by Renewable Energy: Every "UrbanUprising" tee is the product of a factory that champions eco-consciousness, relying entirely on renewable energy sources. It's a garment that looks good and does good.


Graffiti-Inspired Printing: Bursting with bold colours and dynamic designs, our printing process captures the essence of street art. Created in the UK using low-waste technology, the "UrbanUprising" tee stands as an emblem of eco-friendly urban fashion.


Care Instructions: To keep its rebellious spirit and vibrancy intact, we advise washing your "UrbanUprising" long-sleeve tee in cool water and allowing it to air dry.


With the "UrbanUprising" long-sleeve tee by A10 Designs, you're not just wearing a garment – you're donning a piece of the city, an anthem of its art, and a testament to its undying spirit.


  • Enjoy free delivery on orders of £50 or more and, for any rethought decisions, our 28-day return policy stands ready to assist.

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